Hello, I鈥檓 Guille 馃憢

I currently work as UI designer at BBVA

Guillermo L贸pez UX UI Designer Guillermo L贸pez UX UI Designer

About me

From apps, websites or internal platforms to landing pages or even small emails, I always try to follow Design Thinking techniques in my design process, which begins by identifying users, how and where they will use what and on which devices. Every decision I made in this process is focused towards the most delightful user experience accompanied by a consistent, coherent and accessible visual design.

In addition, front-end development has always interested me. I undoubtedly believe that it complements and helps to focus the design in a practical way. I work very comfortably with HTML and CSS, quite well with Javascript and I am taking my first steps with PHP. I have knowledge of best practices for web environment in order to impact SEO and loading speed positively, paying attention to the adaptability of the product for the devices where it will be displayed.

Branding or editorial/layout design have been present in some of the projects in which I have collaborated as a freelancer. Especially before becoming 100% focused on interaction design (UX) and user interface design (UI).

Feel free to check out my resume or my portfolio!